What is Verb Multiple Choice Questions Test 10 PDF Download

Learn with quiz 10 on what is verb MCQs. Attempt grade 6 english multiple choice questions with answers, verbs MCQ as she applauded him ___________ that he had done well., below. Study to learn verbs quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on What is Verb - Quiz 10

MCQ. She applauded him ___________ that he had done well.

  1. said
  2. saying
  3. say
  4. says


MCQ. She ___________ to prefer strawberry.

  1. like
  3. liking
  4. will liking


MCQ. She bet him that he ___________ run five miles without stopping.

  1. could not
  2. cannot
  3. will
  4. cannot be


MCQ. ___________ you like to have a cup of tea?

  1. cannot
  2. might
  3. will be
  4. would


MCQ. I ___________ call you back, when I get free.

  1. would
  2. might
  3. will be
  4. will