Pronoun Exercise Multiple Choice Questions Test 4 PDF Download

Learn with quiz 4 on pronoun exercise MCQs. Attempt grade 6 english multiple choice questions with answers, pronoun MCQ as the possessive pronoun in the sentence "we are yours obediently." is, below. Study to learn pronoun quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Pronoun Exercise - Quiz 4

MCQ. Possessive pronoun in sentence "We are yours obediently." is

  1. we
  2. yours
  3. are
  4. obediently


MCQ. Objective pronoun in sentence "I did not see them in class." is

  1. I
  2. in
  3. the
  4. them


MCQ. Reflexive pronoun in sentence "How can I prove myself innocent?" is

  1. myself
  2. I
  3. how
  4. innocent


MCQ. Object pronoun in sentence "Why did you give them my bike's keys?" is

  1. them
  2. you
  3. my
  4. why


MCQ. Indefinite pronoun in sentence "One should help needy people in their surrounding." is

  1. in
  2. their
  3. should
  4. one