Pronoun Exercise Multiple Choice Questions Test 3 PDF Download

Learn with quiz 3 on pronoun exercise MCQs. Attempt grade 6 english multiple choice questions with answers, pronoun MCQ as the interrogative pronoun in the sentence "who was there? i couldn't see." is, below. Study to learn pronoun quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Pronoun Exercise - Quiz 3

MCQ. Interrogative pronoun in sentence "Who was there? I couldn't see." is

  1. Who
  2. I
  3. was
  4. there


MCQ. Reflexive pronoun in sentence "She blamed myself for this situation." is

  1. she
  2. this
  3. for
  4. myself


MCQ. Subject pronoun in sentence "She came to me for help." is

  1. she
  2. for
  3. help
  4. me


MCQ. Object pronoun in sentence "John wants to talk her." is

  1. herself
  2. to
  3. John
  4. wants


MCQ. Reciprocal pronoun in sentence "When I asked a question, they saw each other." is

  1. I
  2. each other
  3. when
  4. they