Sound Multiple Choice Questions Test 2 pdf Download

Practice physics quiz 2 on sound MCQs, grade 10 speed of sound multiple choice questions. Free speed of sound guide has physics worksheet with answering options 20 times that in gas, 10 times that in gas, 5 times that in gas and 15 times that in gas of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with speed of sound quiz as speed of sound in solids is for exam prep. Study to learn speed of sound quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Sound - Quiz 2

MCQ. Speed of sound in solids is

  1. 10 times that in gas
  2. 20 times that in gas
  3. 5 times that in gas
  4. 15 times that in gas


MCQ. Barely audible sound is called

  1. 1 bel
  2. zero bel
  3. 4 bel
  4. 2 bel


MCQ. Time a sound wave having frequency 2 KHz and wavelength 35 cm requires to cover distance of 1.5 Km is

  1. 2.1 s
  2. 10 s
  3. 20 s
  4. 8 s


MCQ. Speed of sound can be found by relation

  1. v = cλ
  2. v = ma
  3. v = fλ
  4. f=1T


MCQ. Frequency of tuning fork depends on

  1. mass of its prongs
  2. area of its prongs
  3. stiffness of its prongs
  4. density of its prongs