Information and Communication Technology Multiple Choice Questions Test 5 pdf Download

Practice physics quiz 5 on information and communication technology MCQs, grade 10 radia waves transmission multiple choice questions. Free radia waves transmission guide has physics worksheet with answering options cell, unit, software house and quarter of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with radia waves transmission quiz as geographical area covered by single base station is called for exam prep. Study to learn radia waves transmission quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Information and Communication Technology - Quiz 5

MCQ. Geographical area covered by single base station is called

  1. unit
  2. cell
  3. software house
  4. quarter


MCQ. A CD can store up to

  1. 680 Mb of data
  2. 17 Gb of data
  3. 780 Mb of data
  4. 1 Gb of data


MCQ. Software are referred to as

  1. hardware
  2. computer programs
  3. binary data
  4. procedure


MCQ. Term e-mail stands for

  1. emergency mail
  2. electronic mail
  3. extra mail
  4. external mail


MCQ. To collect information and store them in computer in more than one inter linked files is called

  1. data storing
  2. data managing
  3. data cleaner
  4. data logging