Grade 10 English MCQs

Geometrical Optics Multiple Choice Questions Test 8 Tests pdf Download

Practice physics test 8 on geometrical optics MCQs, grade 10 lenses and properties multiple choice questions and answers. Lenses and properties revision test has physics worksheets, answer key with choices as convex lens, concave lens, biconvex lens and both b and c of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with lenses and properties quiz as the lens which diverges light from a single point is for competitive exam prep. Free physics study guide to learn lenses and properties quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Geometrical Optics Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 8

MCQ. Lens which diverges light from a single point is

  1. concave lens
  2. convex lens
  3. biconvex lens
  4. both B and C


MCQ. Short sightedness can be corrected if

  1. converging glasses are used
  2. converging mirror is used
  3. diverging mirror is used
  4. diverging glasses is used


MCQ. In photograph enlarger, object is placed

  1. between F and 2F
  2. beyond 2F
  3. at F
  4. less than F


MCQ. Variation of focal length to form a sharp image on retina is called

  1. accommodation
  2. aperture
  3. retina control
  4. sutter


MCQ. Lens which converges incident rays on a single point is

  1. convex lens
  2. concave lens
  3. biconcave lens
  4. both B and C