Geometrical Optics Multiple Choice Questions 4 PDF Download

Learn geometrical optics MCQs, grade 10 online physics test 4, human eye multiple choice questions and answers. Human eye revision test has physics worksheets, helping answer key with choices as pupil, cornea, retina and iris of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with human eye quiz as light enters eye through a transparent membrane known as for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free physics study guide to practice human eye quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Geometrical Optics Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 4

MCQ. Light enters the eye through a transparent membrane known as

  1. cornea
  2. pupil
  3. retina
  4. iris


MCQ. The reflection by the rough surfaces is called

  1. regular reflection
  2. irregular reflection
  3. regular refraction
  4. irregular refraction


MCQ. The lens which is thin at center and thick at edges is

  1. convex lens
  2. biconvex lens
  3. both A and B
  4. concave lens


MCQ. The nature of light is wave as well as particle, thus its nature is

  1. negative
  2. triple
  3. single
  4. dual


MCQ. The quantity which does not changes during refraction is

  1. direction
  2. speed
  3. frequency
  4. wavelength