Geometrical Optics Multiple Choice Questions Test 3 pdf Download

Practice physics quiz 3 on geometrical optics MCQs, grade 10 spherical mirrors multiple choice questions. Free spherical mirrors guide has physics worksheet with answering options edge, center, in between center and edge and lower surface of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with spherical mirrors quiz as vertex of spherical mirror lies on for exam prep. Study to learn spherical mirrors quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Geometrical Optics - Quiz 3

MCQ. Vertex of spherical mirror lies on

  1. center
  2. edge
  3. in between center and edge
  4. lower surface


MCQ. Mirror formula is

  1. 1f + 1p + 1q
  2. 1f = 1p + 1q
  3. 1p + 1q
  4. 1p = 1f x 1q


MCQ. If an object is 14 cm in front of convex mirror and image distance is 5.8 cm then it's focal length is

  1. -20 cm
  2. -4.1cm
  3. -9.9 cm
  4. -8.2 cm


MCQ. In convex mirror size of image is always

  1. larger than object
  2. equal to object
  3. smaller than object
  4. moderate sized


MCQ. In camera distance between lens and film is fixed and is equal to

  1. p
  2. q
  3. focal length
  4. the length of principal axis