Grade 10 English MCQs

Electrostatics Multiple Choice Questions Test 6 Tests pdf Download

Practice physics test 6 on electrostatics MCQs, grade 10 electric field and intensity multiple choice questions and answers. Electric field and intensity revision test has physics worksheets, answer key with choices as a scaler quantity, a base quantity, a and b both and a vector quantity of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with electric field and intensity quiz as electric field intensity is for competitive exam prep. Free physics study guide to learn electric field and intensity quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Electrostatics Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 6

MCQ. Electric field intensity is

  1. a base quantity
  2. a scaler quantity
  3. A and B both
  4. a vector quantity


MCQ. In electrostatic air cleaner, air mixed with dust and pollen enters device across

  1. positively charged mesh
  2. negatively charged mesh
  3. neutral mesh
  4. dual charged mesh


MCQ. A negative charge

  1. repels neutral charge
  2. attracts neutral charge
  3. repels negative charge
  4. repel positive charge


MCQ. A charge in electric field always

  1. moves from lower potential to higher potential
  2. moves from higher potential to lower potential
  3. stay at higher potential
  4. stay at lower potential


MCQ. Capacitance of a capacitor is 100μF and potential difference between plates is 50 volts then charge stored on each plate is

  1. 10 mC
  2. 5 mC
  3. 4 mC
  4. 15 mC