Grade 10 English MCQs

Electrostatics Multiple Choice Questions Test 2 Tests pdf Download

Practice physics test 2 on electrostatics MCQs, grade 10 coulombs law multiple choice questions and answers. Coulombs law revision test has physics worksheets, answer key with choices as 1000 n, 1800 n, 2200 n and 300 n of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with coulombs law quiz as the force between two bodies having charges 500μc and 100μc separated by distance of 0.5m in air is for competitive exam prep. Free physics study guide to learn coulombs law quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Electrostatics Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 2

MCQ. Force between two bodies having charges 500μC and 100μC separated by distance of 0.5m in air is

  1. 1800 N
  2. 1000 N
  3. 2200 N
  4. 300 N


MCQ. Charge on capacitor plates is directly proportional to

  1. current
  2. electric field intensity
  3. potential difference
  4. resistance


MCQ. Electric charge between two bodies can be produced by

  1. sticking
  2. rubbing
  3. oiling
  4. passing AC current


MCQ. Ability of capacitor to store charge depends upon

  1. area of plates
  2. distance between plates
  3. type of dielectric used
  4. all of above


MCQ. Electroscope can be charged by

  1. convection
  2. radiation
  3. conduction
  4. both A and B