Current Electricity Multiple Choice Questions Test 10 pdf Download

Practice physics quiz 10 on current electricity MCQs, grade 10 electric current multiple choice questions. Free electric current guide has physics worksheet with answering options negative ions, positive ions, electrons and protons and both a and b of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with electric current quiz as current in electrolyte flows due to for exam prep. Study to learn electric current quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Current Electricity - Quiz 10

MCQ. Current in electrolyte flows due to

  1. positive ions
  2. negative ions
  3. electrons and protons
  4. both A and B


MCQ. Neutral wire carries

  1. zero potential
  2. maximum potential
  3. unit potential
  4. minimum potential


MCQ. Substances that have constant resistance over wide range of voltages are

  1. ohmic
  2. non ohmic
  3. resistive
  4. non resistive


MCQ. In house wiring, all appliances are connected in

  1. parallel
  2. series
  3. combination
  4. alternative circuit


MCQ. Insulators can be easily charged by

  1. supplying electrons
  2. EMF
  3. friction
  4. protons