Atomic and Nuclear physics Multiple Choice Questions Test 8 pdf Download

Practice physics quiz 8 on atomic and nuclear physics MCQs, grade 10 radioisotopes multiple choice questions. Free radioisotopes guide has physics worksheet with answering options 1000 years, 23 years, 1200 years and 5730 years of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with radioisotopes quiz as half-life of carbon-14 is for exam prep. Study to learn radioisotopes quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Atomic and Nuclear physics - Quiz 8

MCQ. Half-life of Carbon-14 is

  1. 23 years
  2. 1000 years
  3. 1200 years
  4. 5730 years


MCQ. Process in which two light nuclei combine to form a heavy nucleus is called

  1. fusion reaction
  2. fission reaction
  3. radioactivity
  4. transmutation


MCQ. Radiation that does not change it's direction inside magnetic field is

  1. alpha
  2. beta
  3. gamma
  4. x-ray


MCQ. Greatest penetration power is of

  1. gamma rays
  2. alpha rays
  3. beta rays
  4. neutrons


MCQ. A process in which heavy nucleus splits into two by bombarding a slow moving neutron is called

  1. radioactivity
  2. nuclear fusion
  3. nuclear fission
  4. nuclear spilitting