Examples of Pronouns Multiple Choice Questions Test 3 PDF Download

Learn with quiz 3 on examples of pronouns MCQs. Attempt grade 10 english multiple choice questions with answers, pronoun MCQ as the indefinite pronoun in the sentence "no one, i know won't help me in my bad time, when i need any one." is, below. Study to learn pronoun quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Examples of Pronouns - Quiz 3

MCQ. Indefinite pronoun in sentence "No one, I know won't help me in my bad time, when I need any one." is

  1. no one
  2. I
  3. me
  4. my


MCQ. Possessive pronoun in sentence "When my mom did shopping, at that time, we spent our time in cafeteria." is

  1. my
  2. our
  3. we
  4. in


MCQ. Subjective pronoun in sentence "My baby knew how to crawl. When he was only six months old." is

  1. my
  2. only
  3. he
  4. how


MCQ. Reciprocal pronoun in sentence "horses trapped one another, when finishing line came closer to them." is

  1. whenever
  2. one another
  3. to
  4. them


MCQ. Interrogative pronoun in sentence "Why did you not call me.? This made me alarmed." is

  1. you
  2. me
  3. whey
  4. did