Grade 10 English MCQs

Organic Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions Test 5 Tests pdf Download

Practice chemistry test 5 on organic chemistry MCQs, grade 10 sources of organic compounds multiple choice questions and answers. Sources of organic compounds revision test has chemistry worksheets, answer key with choices as butane, ethane, methane and pentane of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with sources of organic compounds quiz as natural gas mostly consists of for competitive exam prep. Free chemistry study guide to learn sources of organic compounds quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Organic Chemistry Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 5

MCQ. Natural gas mostly consists of

  1. ethane
  2. butane
  3. methane
  4. pentane


MCQ. Rate of reaction of organic compounds is slow due to

  1. ionic bonding in them
  2. amphoteric nature
  3. covalent bonding
  4. coordinate covalent bonding


MCQ. Phenomena in which compounds have same molecular formula but different structures is called

  1. multimers
  2. isomerism
  3. catenation
  4. allomerism


MCQ. Methyl has molecular formula

  1. CH4
  2. CH3
  3. CH
  4. CH2


MCQ. Organic compounds are only soluble in

  1. non-polar solvents
  2. polar solvents
  3. metallic solvents
  4. non-metallic solvents