Grade 10 English MCQs

Support and Movement Multiple Choice Questions Test 3 Tests pdf Download

Practice biology test 3 on support and movement MCQs, grade 10 types of joints multiple choice questions and answers. Types of joints revision test has biology worksheets, answer key with choices as slightly moveable joints, fixed joints, hinge joints and ball-and-socket joints of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with types of joints quiz as the joints that allow human bones to move in all directions are called for competitive exam prep. Free biology study guide to learn types of joints quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Support and Movement Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 3

MCQ. Joints that allow human bones to move in all directions are called

  1. fixed joints
  2. slightly moveable joints
  3. hinge joints
  4. ball-and-socket joints


MCQ. Location or a point where two bones contact each other is called

  1. joint
  2. rib
  3. vertebrae
  4. pectoral girdle


MCQ. Cartilage which is similar to hyaline cartilage in which collagen fibers as well as elastic fibers are present is called

  1. hyaline cartilage
  2. elastic cartilage
  3. fibrous cartilage
  4. inelastic cartilage


MCQ. Most hard connective tissue present in body are called

  1. lymphocytes
  2. bones
  3. cartilages
  4. collagens


MCQ. Inner part of bone which is porous and soft in nature is called

  1. spongy bones
  2. compact bones
  3. connecting bones
  4. protective bones