Reproduction Multiple Choice Questions Test 30 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 30 on reproduction MCQs, grade 10 sexual reproduction in animals multiple choice questions. Free sexual reproduction in animals guide has biology worksheet with answering options ovular ducts, oogonia vesicles, protein shell and follicle of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with sexual reproduction in animals quiz as specialized cells cluster that nourishes egg cells are called for exam prep. Study to learn sexual reproduction in animals quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Reproduction - Quiz 30

MCQ. Specialized cells cluster that nourishes egg cells are called

  1. oogonia vesicles
  2. ovular ducts
  3. protein shell
  4. follicle


MCQ. Sperms that are fused with egg form the

  1. ovaries
  2. androecium
  3. zygote
  4. gynoecium


MCQ. Egg cells are released from ovaries into tubes called

  1. gynoecium ducts
  2. ovular tubes
  3. fallopian tubes
  4. fallopian testes


MCQ. Primary spermatocytes are produced by

  1. spermatogonia
  2. oogonia
  3. primary spermatids
  4. secondary spermatids


MCQ. Middle part of carpel is called

  1. pistils
  2. ovary
  3. style
  4. stigma