Reproduction Multiple Choice Questions Test 21 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 21 on reproduction MCQs, grade 10 vegetative propagation multiple choice questions. Free vegetative propagation guide has biology worksheet with answering options backside of corm, front side of corm, top of corm and end of corm of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with vegetative propagation quiz as considering corms of natural vegetative propagation, buds are present at for exam prep. Study to learn vegetative propagation quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Reproduction - Quiz 21

MCQ. Considering corms of natural vegetative propagation, buds are present at

  1. front side of corm
  2. backside of corm
  3. top of corm
  4. end of corm


MCQ. In human body, human immune deficiency (HIV) virus causes destruction of

  1. lymphocytes
  2. serum
  3. white blood cells
  4. red blood cells


MCQ. Transfer of pollen grains to stigma from anther of other flower or same flower of same plant is called

  1. ovule pollination
  2. cross pollination
  3. self pollination
  4. nuclei pollination


MCQ. In rhizomes, lower surface is responsible for production of

  1. adventitious shoots
  2. adventitious buds
  3. adventitious roots
  4. adventitious stems


MCQ. After mitosis, diploid zygote turns into

  1. haploid sporophyte
  2. diploid gametophyte
  3. haploid gametophyte
  4. diploid sporophyte