Pharmacology Multiple Choice Questions Test 7 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 7 on pharmacology MCQs, grade 10 addictive drugs multiple choice questions. Free addictive drugs guide has biology worksheet with answering options foxglove, mushroom, flowers of cannabis and cactus of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with addictive drugs quiz as psilocin (group of hallucinogens) comes from for exam prep. Study to learn addictive drugs quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Pharmacology - Quiz 7

MCQ. Psilocin (group of hallucinogens) comes from

  1. mushroom
  2. foxglove
  3. flowers of cannabis
  4. cactus


MCQ. Drugs that induce sedation by reducing excitement or irritability are known as

  1. antibiotics
  2. vaccines
  3. sedatives
  4. analgesics


MCQ. Major categories of addictive drugs does not include

  1. narcotics
  2. hallucinogens
  3. analgesics and vaccines
  4. sedatives


MCQ. Powder which is used on wounds to prevent infection and stop bleeding is made of

  1. calcium phosphate
  2. iodine sulphate
  3. silver nitrate
  4. sodium nitrate


MCQ. Scottish biologist who discovered antibiotic penicillin is

  1. Sir Alexander Fleming
  2. Joseph Lister
  3. Ian Wilmot
  4. J. de Lamarck