Man and Environment Multiple Choice Questions Test 4 Tests pdf Download

Practice biology test 4 on man and environment MCQs, grade 10 levels of ecological organization multiple choice questions and answers. Levels of ecological organization revision test has biology worksheets, answer key with choices as end of food chain, beginning of food chain, centre of chain and top of chain of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with levels of ecological organization quiz as in food chain fewer animals are present at for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free biology study guide to learn levels of ecological organization quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Man and Environment Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 4

MCQ. In food chain fewer animals are present at

  1. Beginning of food chain
  2. End of food chain
  3. Centre of chain
  4. Top of chain


MCQ. Sulfur dioxide (SO2), soot and flu ash are pollutants released by

  1. textile industries
  2. steel industries
  3. fertilizer industries
  4. thermal industries


MCQ. Conceot of ecological pyramid was developed in

  1. 1928
  2. 1970
  3. 1983
  4. 1927


MCQ. Population that interact with one another and live in a particular habitat are best classified as

  1. community
  2. biosphere
  3. ecosystem
  4. population


MCQ. All carnivore animals are

  1. Scavangers
  2. Predators
  3. Inhibitors
  4. Competitiors