Man and Environment Multiple Choice Questions Test 3 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 3 on man and environment MCQs, grade 10 levels of ecological organization multiple choice questions. Free levels of ecological organization guide has biology worksheet with answering options tertiary carnivores, primary carnivores, secondary carnivores and secondary herbivores of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with levels of ecological organization quiz as tertiary consumers that are fed on primary carnivores are also known as for exam prep. Study to learn levels of ecological organization quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Man and Environment - Quiz 3

MCQ. Tertiary consumers that are fed on primary carnivores are also known as

  1. primary carnivores
  2. tertiary carnivores
  3. secondary carnivores
  4. secondary herbivores


MCQ. Nitrates are utilized for protein making and are absorbed by

  1. phytoplankton
  2. protozoan
  3. plants
  4. animals


MCQ. Process which converts nitrogen gas into nitrates is called

  1. carbon fixation
  2. nitrogen fixation
  3. oxygen fixation
  4. nitrate fixation


MCQ. Considering pyramid of numbers, consumers that are maximum in number and smallest in size are called

  1. tertiary consumers
  2. producers
  3. tertiary decomposers
  4. secondary decomposers


MCQ. Landslides, global warming, floods and soil erosions are all effects of

  1. deforestation
  2. aforestation
  3. overpopulation
  4. global warming