Man and Environment Multiple Choice Questions Test 20 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 20 on man and environment MCQs, grade 10 levels of ecological organization multiple choice questions. Free levels of ecological organization guide has biology worksheet with answering options aquatic ecosystem, terrestrial ecosystem, chemical ecosystem and mechanical ecosystem of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with levels of ecological organization quiz as plants are considered as basic producers in ecosystem which is said to be for exam prep. Study to learn levels of ecological organization quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Man and Environment - Quiz 20

MCQ. Plants are considered as basic producers in ecosystem which is said to be

  1. terrestrial ecosystem
  2. aquatic ecosystem
  3. chemical ecosystem
  4. mechanical ecosystem


MCQ. In components of ecosystem, phytoplankton is another name of

  1. shallow rooted plants
  2. fungi
  3. floating photosynthetic organisms
  4. protozoan


MCQ. Floating photosynthetic organisms are considered as main producers in

  1. chemical ecosystem
  2. mechanical ecosystem
  3. terrestrial ecosystem
  4. aquatic ecosystem


MCQ. Combination of atmospheric nitrogen with hydrogen under high temperature and pressure is classified as

  1. atmospheric oxygen fixation
  2. atmospheric nitrogen fixation
  3. industrial nitrogen fixation
  4. biological nitrogen fixation


MCQ. Types of ecological pyramids are

  1. pyramid of biomass
  2. pyramid of numbers
  3. pyramid of primary consumers
  4. all of above