Man and Environment Multiple Choice Questions Test 11 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 11 on man and environment MCQs, grade 10 ecological pyramid multiple choice questions. Free ecological pyramid guide has biology worksheet with answering options nikola tesla, charles darwin, marie curie and charles elton of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with ecological pyramid quiz as concept of ecological pyramids is first proposed by for exam prep. Study to learn ecological pyramid quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Man and Environment - Quiz 11

MCQ. Concept of ecological pyramids is first proposed by

  1. Charles Darwin
  2. Nikola Tesla
  3. Marie Curie
  4. Charles Elton


MCQ. Nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2) and hydrocarbons (alkanes and alkenes) are combined in sunlight to form

  1. carbon monoxide
  2. cyanide
  3. smog
  4. smoke


MCQ. Carnivores that are fed on secondary carnivores are called

  1. tertiary carnivores
  2. secondary herbivores
  3. primary herbivores
  4. tertiary herbivores


MCQ. Carbon dioxide (CO2) taken by producers from atmosphere is converted into

  1. primary compounds
  2. organic compounds
  3. inorganic compounds
  4. terrestrial compounds


MCQ. Oxides of nitrogen (NO, NO2) are dissolved in water to form

  1. nitric acid and nitrous acid
  2. citric acid and nitrous acid
  3. nitrates
  4. nitric acid and hydrogen