Inheritance Multiple Choice Questions Test 15 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 15 on inheritance MCQs, grade 10 mendels laws of inheritance multiple choice questions. Free mendels laws of inheritance guide has biology worksheet with answering options mono hybrid cross, tetra hybrid cross, dihybrid cross and octane hybrid cross of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with mendels laws of inheritance quiz as type of crosses in which two traits are studied at a time is called for exam prep. Study to learn mendels laws of inheritance quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Inheritance - Quiz 15

MCQ. Type of crosses in which two traits are studied at a time is called

  1. tetra hybrid cross
  2. mono hybrid cross
  3. dihybrid cross
  4. octane hybrid cross


MCQ. Law which states that traits are independently inherited and are different in nature is called

  1. law of co-dominance
  2. law of segregation
  3. law of dependent assortment
  4. law of independent assortment


MCQ. Situation in which no allele is dominant over other is called

  1. assorted dominance
  2. segregated dominance
  3. complete dominance
  4. incomplete dominance


MCQ. Result of incomplete dominance leads to

  1. ternary phenotype
  2. ternary genotype
  3. intermediate phenotype
  4. intermediate genotype


MCQ. Charles Darwin was born in

  1. 1809
  2. 1815
  3. 1819
  4. 1829