Homeostasis Multiple Choice Questions Test 10 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 10 on homeostasis MCQs, grade 10 human urinary system multiple choice questions. Free human urinary system guide has biology worksheet with answering options urethras, gall bladder, pair of ureters and sclerenchyma tissues of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with human urinary system quiz as urine is carried to urinary bladder from kidneys by for exam prep. Study to learn human urinary system quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Homeostasis - Quiz 10

MCQ. Urine is carried to urinary bladder from kidneys by the

  1. gall bladder
  2. urethras
  3. pair of ureters
  4. sclerenchyma tissues


MCQ. In each human kidney, number of nephrons are

  1. over three million
  2. over one million
  3. over two million
  4. over half million


MCQ. Plants that totally lives on water or are partially submerged in water are classified as

  1. hydrophytes
  2. xerophytes
  3. halophytes
  4. saprophytes


MCQ. Time urine is released from body, it is temporarily stored in

  1. urethra
  2. urethra
  3. urinary bladder
  4. gall bladder


MCQ. In human kidneys, single duct in which distal convoluted tubules opens is called

  1. proximal duct
  2. renal duct
  3. papillary duct
  4. collecting duct