Gaseous Exchange Multiple Choice Questions Test 6 Tests pdf Download

Practice biology test 6 on gaseous exchange MCQs, grade 10 exchange of gases in humans multiple choice questions and answers. Exchange of gases in humans revision test has biology worksheets, answer key with choices as cartilage, fibril, fibril cartilage and fibrinogen of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with exchange of gases in humans quiz as the larynx a box is made up of for competitive exam prep. Free biology study guide to learn exchange of gases in humans quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Gaseous Exchange Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 6

MCQ. Larynx a box is made up of

  1. Fibril
  2. Cartilage
  3. Fibril cartilage
  4. Fibrinogen


MCQ. Process through which organisms get oxygen for their cells from their surrounding environment is classified as

  1. gaseous exchange
  2. respiratory exchange
  3. cellular respiration
  4. breathing


MCQ. In air passageway, incoming air passes from pharynx to the

  1. mucous
  2. glottis
  3. bronchi
  4. larynx


MCQ. In chest wall, rib muscles are considered as

  1. intercoastal muscles
  2. coastal muscles
  3. preliminary muscles
  4. pulmonary muscles


MCQ. A muscular passage that is common to both food and air is called

  1. Oesophagus
  2. Trachea
  3. Larynx
  4. Pharynx