Coordination and Control Multiple Choice Questions Test 2 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 2 on coordination and control MCQs, grade 10 human nervous system multiple choice questions. Free human nervous system guide has biology worksheet with answering options frontal nervous system, temporal nervous system, central nervous system and peripheral nervous system of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with human nervous system quiz as nervous system which is composed of ganglia and nerves is classified as for exam prep. Study to learn human nervous system quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Coordination and Control - Quiz 2

MCQ. Nervous system which is composed of ganglia and nerves is classified as

  1. temporal nervous system
  2. frontal nervous system
  3. central nervous system
  4. peripheral nervous system


MCQ. There is only one axon and many dendrites in

  1. motor neurons
  2. sensory neurons
  3. rotator neurons
  4. saltatory neurons


MCQ. Neurons that interpret and receive information and stimulate motor neurons are

  1. sensory neurons
  2. motor neurons
  3. interneurons
  4. rotator neurons


MCQ. Considering disorders of eye, long sight disorder is also known as

  1. rhodopsin optic disorder
  2. eye fovea
  3. hypermetropia
  4. myopia


MCQ. Point in retina from where optic nerve enters into retina is called

  1. fovea
  2. rods and cones
  3. rhodopsin
  4. optic disc