Biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions Test 2 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 2 on biotechnology MCQs, grade 10 fermentation and applications multiple choice questions. Free fermentation and applications guide has biology worksheet with answering options acrylic fermentation, pyruvic fermentation, lactic acid fermentation and alcoholic fermentation of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with fermentation and applications quiz as fermentation which is carried by yeast is called for exam prep. Study to learn fermentation and applications quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Biotechnology - Quiz 2

MCQ. Fermentation which is carried by yeast is called

  1. pyruvic fermentation
  2. acrylic fermentation
  3. lactic acid fermentation
  4. alcoholic fermentation


MCQ. Process through which glucose molecules (C6H12O6) release energy is called

  1. oxidation-reduction
  2. nitrogen reduction
  3. oxygen reduction
  4. nitrogen oxidation


MCQ. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is removed in alcoholic fermentation from

  1. pyruvic acid
  2. nitric acid
  3. sulphuric acid
  4. hydrochloric acid


MCQ. Production of different products by using mass culture of microorganisms is classified as

  1. bacillus production
  2. reproduction
  3. fermentation
  4. pollination


MCQ. Applications of fermentation includes

  1. cereal products
  2. dairy products
  3. beverage products
  4. all of above