Types of Scientific Models Multiple Choice Questions Online pdf eBooks Download

Learn types of scientific models MCQs in earth-science quiz for test prep. Earth science and models quiz questions has multiple choice questions (MCQ), types of scientific models test as models can also be used to explain past and present and to predict the. Answer key help with choices as galaxies, nature of universe, nature of organisms and future problem solving for competitive exam, viva prep, interview questions worksheets. Free Earth-science revision notes to practice types of scientific models quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on Types of Scientific Models Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Models can also be used to explain past and present and to predict the

  1. galaxies
  2. nature of universe
  3. nature of organisms
  4. future


MCQ. Model made up of equations and data is known as

  1. Mathematical Models
  2. Physical Models
  3. Biological Models
  4. Conceptual Models


MCQ. With a model, scientists can analyze

  1. earth
  2. different objects
  3. planets
  4. space


MCQ. Another example of a physical model is

  1. big bang theory
  2. sketch
  3. drawing
  4. car


MCQ. Models are used to help us understand the

  1. universe
  2. virtual world
  3. natural world
  4. artificial world