Science Projects MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Learn science projects MCQs in earth-science quiz for test prep. Earth models and maps quiz questions has multiple choice questions (MCQ), science projects test as the compass needle points to magnetic pole i.e.. Answer key help with choices as south pole, north pole, east pole and west pole problem solving for competitive exam, viva prep, interview questions worksheets. Free Earth-science revision notes to practice science projects quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on Science Projects Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. The compass needle points to the magnetic pole i.e.

  1. south pole
  2. north pole
  3. east pole
  4. west pole


MCQ. A process in which nuclei of a radioactive atom are split into smaller nuclei is known as

  1. fusion
  2. fission
  3. radioactivity
  4. atomization


MCQ. The Jason Project was started by

  1. Dr Robert
  2. Dr Jason
  3. Dr john
  4. Dr William


MCQ. The grid system can be used to find locations north and south of

  1. equator
  2. tropics
  3. latitude
  4. longitude


MCQ. There is less usage of nuclear power plants because

  1. they emit radiations
  2. there waste is highly radioactive
  3. fission is like an explosion
  4. fission is expensive