Mining of Minerals MCQs Test and Answers pdf Download

Practice mining of minerals MCQs and earth-science for test prep and learning. Free study guide has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with mining of minerals quiz as if minerals are too far down earth's crust, a special machinery is used i.e. with answering options vertical shafts, horizontal passageways, continuous mining machine and haul trucks for exam preparation. Study to learn mining of minerals quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on Mining of Minerals

MCQ. If minerals are too far down Earth's crust, a special machinery is used i.e.

  1. vertical shafts
  2. horizontal passageways
  3. Continuous mining machine
  4. haul trucks


MCQ. To break up ore, most common usage is

  1. heating
  2. explosion
  3. digging machinery
  4. drilling machinery


MCQ. Quarries are generally

  1. open pits
  2. surface coal mines
  3. underground mines
  4. explosive mines


MCQ. Quarries are used to extract

  1. precious stones
  2. building stones and rocks
  3. gold
  4. fossil fuels


MCQ. Coal near surface is extracted by

  1. open pits
  2. underground mines
  3. surface coal mines
  4. explosive mines