Metric Measurements MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Learn metric measurements MCQs in earth-science quiz for test prep. Earth science and models quiz questions has multiple choice questions (MCQ), metric measurements test as 1 tonne is equal to. Answer key help with choices as 1000g, 1000kg, 1000mg and 1000mg problem solving for competitive exam, viva prep, interview questions worksheets. Free Earth-science revision notes to practice metric measurements quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on Metric Measurements Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. 1 tonne is equal to

  1. 1000g
  2. 1000kg
  3. 1000mg
  4. 1000Mg


MCQ. One centimeter is equal to

  1. 1x10-1m
  2. 1x10-2m
  3. 1x102m
  4. 1x103m


MCQ. The SI unit of volume is

  1. cubic yards (yd3)
  2. cubic feet (ft3)
  3. cubic miles (mi3)
  4. cubic meters (m3)


MCQ. 1°C is equal to

  1. 1K
  2. 273K
  3. 274K
  4. 2K


MCQ. All SI units are based on a number i.e.

  1. 1
  2. 0
  3. 10
  4. 2