Equal Area Projections MCQs Quiz and Answers Tests pdf Download

Practice equal area projections MCQs in earth-science quiz for test prep. Earth models and maps quiz questions has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with equal area projections test, answers as equal area projections are used to map, answer key with choices as small areas like a street, small areas like a city, large areas like a state and large areas like a continent for exam preparation worksheets. Earth-science revision notes to learn equal area projections quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on Equal Area Projections Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Equal area projections are used to map

  1. small areas like a street
  2. small areas like a city
  3. large areas like a state
  4. large areas like a continent


MCQ. On equal area projections, shapes of oceans and continents are

  1. accurate
  2. approximate
  3. distorted
  4. reversed


MCQ. Equal area projection maps are good for determining

  1. areas
  2. distances
  3. shapes
  4. sizes


MCQ. Equal area projections can be made using

  1. cylindrical projections only
  2. conic projections only
  3. azimuthal projection only
  4. all three above