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Learn non-metals MCQs in chemistry quiz for test prep. Chemical reactivity quiz questions has multiple choice questions (MCQ), non-metals test as as we move across period electronegativity. Answer key help with choices as decreases, increases, remains same and becomes zero problem solving for competitive exam, viva prep, interview questions worksheets. Free chemistry revision notes to practice non-metals quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on Non-Metals Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. As we move across period electronegativity

  1. decreases
  2. increases
  3. remains same
  4. becomes zero


MCQ. Elements which have properties of metals and non-metals are

  1. amorphous
  2. crystalline
  3. metalloids
  4. none of above


MCQ. Bromine is a non-metal in

  1. solid state
  2. liquid state
  3. gaseous state
  4. plasma state


MCQ. Halogens react with metals to form

  1. Halides
  2. oxides
  3. halogen compounds
  4. hydrogenated compounds


MCQ. Most acidic among following is

  1. HF
  2. HCl
  3. HBr
  4. HI