Classification System MCQs Test and Answers pdf Download

Practice classification system MCQs and biology for test prep and learning. Free biodiversity notes has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with classification system quiz as term used by edouard chatton for describing plant and animal cells is with answering options gametophytes, eucariotique, procariotique and sporophyte for exam preparation. Study to learn classification system quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on Classification System

MCQ. Term used by Edouard Chatton for describing plant and animal cells is

  1. gametophytes
  2. Eucariotique
  3. Procariotique
  4. sporophyte


MCQ. According to Ernst Haeckel, bacteria was included in

  1. kingdom kart
  2. kingdom algae
  3. kingdom Protista
  4. kingdom protozoa


MCQ. Name of biologist who objected two-kingdom classification and proposed a third kingdom is

  1. Rachel Carson
  2. Ernst Haeckel
  3. David Baltimore
  4. James Watson


MCQ. Name of scientist who introduced taxon of "order" in taxonomic hierarchy is

  1. Andrea Caesalpino
  2. Augustus Rivinus
  3. Tournefort
  4. John Ray


MCQ. Considering five kingdom classification system, unicellular eukaryotic, prokaryotic and multicellular eukaryotic are considered as

  1. shoot and root systems
  2. cellular organization levels
  3. modes of nutrition
  4. green plants classification