Sporophyte MCQs Quiz and Answers Tests pdf Download

Practice sporophyte MCQs in biology quiz for test prep. Reproduction quiz questions has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with sporophyte test, answers as the sporophyte generation in life cycle of plants is, answer key with choices as meiotic whorl, mitotic whorl, haploid and diploid for competitive exam preparation worksheets. Free biology revision notes to learn sporophyte quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on Sporophyte Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Sporophyte generation in life cycle of plants is

  1. meiotic whorl
  2. mitotic whorl
  3. haploid
  4. diploid


MCQ. Phenomena in which sporophyte and gametophyte generations alter each other in plant life cycle is called

  1. fragmentation of generations
  2. alternation of generations
  3. cloning of generations
  4. grafting of generations